"My motivation in seeking out a Yoga teacher training course was perhaps different than most of my fellow practitioners. I have a full time job as a corporate lawyer and my intention was not to become a full-time Yoga teacher, but rather to find a way to take my practice to a new level.  I had been practicing various types of Yoga for about 7 years, mostly in New York City.  My Yoga wanderings had led me to Dharma Mittra and I had started taking classes there.  In addition to a traditional Yoga practice, I very much appreciated Dharma’s instruction in meditation and philosophy.  At about the same time my wife found BambooMoves in Englewood and was raving about it.  In seeking out a Yoga teacher training course I was interested in not just the physical Yoga practice (Hatha Yoga) but also continuing in the traditions of Dharma Mittra.  BambooMoves was the exact place I was looking for;  I had not practiced very much at BambooMoves and actually had not taken classes with either Stephanie or Scott until I considered taking the Teacher Training course.  While I had a very good feel for BambooMoves, I was still taking a bit of a leap of faith in committing time and money to such an undertaking.  When I found that both Scott and Stephanie received their Yoga teacher certifications from Dharma, this greatly reassured me.  Nonetheless, I was still apprehensive about committing to the Teacher Training course: I had not been in school for over 30 years, and I was not sure I would be able to make the time commitment given my work schedule.  In addition, due to my religious observance I do not drive on Saturdays so I had to be prepared to walk to BambooMoves from my home, in Teaneck.  So, with a great deal of trepidation and excitement I undertook the BambooMoves Teacher Training course.
The course was everything I was hoping for, and more: in addition to improving my physical yoga practice and asanas, we learned basic anatomy, energy healing, meditation, and chanting.  These are things that are very difficult to learn other than from a qualified teacher.   I enjoyed meeting my fellow practitioners, who came from very different backgrounds than many of the “corporate type people” I usually interact with.  The instructors were all excellent and from very diverse backgrounds as well.  What I enjoyed more than anything were the instructions in meditation, and chanting.  The course was very intensive, and it was indeed challenging to keep up with all the practices.  I was often quite tired (being quite a bit older than most of my fellow practitioners—I turn 58 this week), but I found this to be one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had.   I was able to do the training and was completely able to accommodate this with my religious observances (though I did have a 12 mile round-trip walk every Saturday—but I actually came to look forward to this).  I plan to continue my Yoga training and realize this is a journey, and not an end point.  I have started offering Karma Yoga training (i.e., free courses) to people in my neighborhood and have found the experience very rewarding.  The groups range from college soccer players to couples who have heard about Yoga and want to know and experience it.
I would certainly wholeheartedly recommend the BambooMoves Teacher Training course!"

-Bruce Kamins

RYT, 2012 Graduate



"The 200 Hour BambooMoves Teacher Training is impossible to sum up in just a few words. Steph and Scott were incredible teachers that dedicate their lives to sharing the gift of yoga with others. They embody the meaning of yoga and live every day with selfless wisdom and love. The training, although mentally and physically challenging at times, was a beautiful blend between kirtan, asana, meditation, scripture, learning, teaching and living. As you watch yourself develop, you also see your fellow sadhakas growing and joining together as a family free of judgment and filled with compassion. That family and BambooMoves became my home that I can return to at any time."


-Victoria DeSalvo

RYT, 2012 Graduate



"The Bamboomoves teacher training completely exceeded my expectations. Inspiration, deep inner knowledge, and amazing life long friendships are but a few things you experience throughout this training. For anyone who is looking to deepen their yoga and or spiritual practice, or looking to be a yoga instructor, I highly recommend this program. I feel truly blessed to have been guided and trained by the Bamboomoves owners and staff.  I learned so much about yoga, and myself. I look forward to inspiring and sharing my knowledge through my teaching. When you graduate from the Bamboomoves teacher training you not only receive a certification, but gain an extended family as well."


-Jessica Diktas 

RYT, 2011 TT Graduate, Owner Soul in Motion Yoga



"Bamboomoves is where I truly began my journey as a yogi. Words prove insufficient to describe the benefits of the Bamboomoves Teacher Training. My body awareness grew daily while attending classes on anatomy, healing, fundamentals of the philosophical underpinnings of yoga, not to mention deepening our practice and understanding of proper placements for asanas.


The training offered more than learning how to teach yoga: I grew, and continue to grow, physically and spiritually. Close bonds formed with both teachers and students go beyond the teacher training  and I am so grateful to all the teachers I have been blessed to know and from whom I continue to learn."


-Betsy Gelb

RYT, 2011 Graduate



"Participating in the Bamboomoves Teacher Training became a transformational journey for me.  I not only learned how to spread the wonderful message of yoga methodology, but I also grew tremendously each day inside and out. Being around like-minded people and going through the experience together created a bond that will never be forgotten. I acquired grace and strength in my physical practice along with confidence and clarity off the mat. I recommend this to anyone that is open to positive change."


-Carisse Bickram

RYT, 2011 TT Graduate



"When I say that teacher training at Bamboomoves, Forest Hills changed my life, it is definitely not an overstatement. Beyond learning more than I ever thought I would know about yoga-- the asanas, the alignment, the history and lineage, the chanting, the pranayama, the meditation and spiritual aspects-- I started to deepen my own practice of Svadhyaya, or self study, and became aware of and able to cultivate parts of myself that were waiting to be explored and deepened. My personal practice of yoga also deepened exponentially. After the training ended, I had three of the best gifts I could have ever asked for: a new and exciting awareness of self and universal knowledge, a beautiful new group of friends with whom I will always share that experience, and continue to create new experiences, and the ability to pass on the priceless practice of yoga and yogic practices. For that I am forever grateful! If I could go back and take this teacher training again... I would. In a heartbeat. It was unforgettable and I treasure all my memories from it."

-Laura Ahrens
RYT, 2011 TT Graduate 



"Teacher training at Bamboomoves gave me the tools to delve deeper into my practice.  I gained an understanding of how to transmit what I had learnt to others as a teacher with love, care & compassion.  Most of all I got to train with some amazing women and together we made lasting friendships, opened our hearts to each other, and realized just how connected we all truly are."
- Yashmani Seepaul
RYT, 2011 Graduate


"I chose to do Bamboo Moves Teacher Training, not because I wanted to teach, but to become more versed in my practice. The experience was an amazing life changing experience for me. I now understand the anatomy and philosophy behind the asana which has strengthened and enriched my practice. I highly recommend the Bamboo Moves Teacher Training."

-Alison Ahrens
RYT, 2011 Graduate



"The Bamboomoves Teacher Training program is a life-changing experience.  I went into the training with a lot of trepidation because I had only been practicing yoga for just one year.  Scott encouraged me to pursue the training based on my love of yoga.  I was truly a beginner in both my understanding of yoga and my asana practice.  Through the training, I gained a real understanding of yoga as a mind/body discipline and how it applies to my life.  Scott and Stephanie have developed a top notch training program and inspire everyone to be their best.  Not only have I deepened my personal practice, but I, myself, am a calmer more self-aware person.  My knowledge has enabled me to teach others and spread the word."


-June Matican

RYT, 2011 Graduate